Avita Zist Pharmed

Avita zist pharmed co. Is a specialized export management company in the field of pharmaceutical medicine & vaccine and medical equipment (Human & Veterinary). (Corridor of commercialization of health product).


Avita Zist Pharmed Co. is a specialised Export Management Company in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Medical equipment. The growth of pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry in Iran in addition to the relatively small domestic market have made it inevitable for pharmaceutical companies to adopt an export-oriented approach. However, ensuring sustainable exports requires expansive international connections and a network of strategic relationships; elements which most manufacturing companies currently need...

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The network of Avita Pharmed bio-partners includes:


Dr. Mansoureh Sadat Madani

Manager of Pharmaceutical Department

Mr. Seyyed Mahmoud Reza Madani

Manager of Contracts & The Expert of Digital Marketing

Export Target Countries

  • Country Russia
  • Country Venezuela
  • Country Turkey
  • Country Azerbaijan
  • Country Algeria
  • Country Armenia
  • Country Afghanistan


Export Market Research

Although studying export markets is included in our export management package, some companies prefer to first conduct a complete, high-accuracy study on their target market(s) before starting the process of exporting the product in earnest. Avita’s access to exclusive relevant databases will vastly help our clients in this regard.

Business Forums

With the emergence of various communication tools and data management platforms, the speed of transferring information in the world is at an all-time high. Nonetheless, it remains widely believed that face-to-face conversations and meetings still play an important role in initiating and establishing effective business relationships. On this basis and relying on our regional offices and experienced executives in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, Avita is always eager and prepared to organize business forums in various countries across the world.

Domestic Market Research

Many types of drugs and medical devices manufactured by Iranian companies for the first time can be used in the domestic market and replace imported products, however, becoming a leader even in the domestic market requires a great deal of market knowledge and in-depth studies. One of the business services provided by Avita is conducting such studies and presenting comprehensive reports to our clients. Obviously, this service is provided by several other consulting companies, but the precision and quality will be guaranteed in our reports thanks to our staff’s experience and expertise. Moreover, having a great access to remarkable databases, distinguishes Avita as a pioneer in the market.

Commercialization Services

While innovative companies often think that their work is finished after developing a new product and unveiling it, they have to recognize the fact that introducing a product is only the beginning of the very challenging process of commercialization. Obtaining various confirmations, permits and standard certificates, registering the product in the target countries, marketing, etc. are some of the necessary steps that need to be taken afterwards. Moreover, dealing with all these matters are sure to be too time-consuming and tedious for most companies. Avita is proud to offer quality services in this regard as well.


Many attractive business opportunities tend to be found in international tenders. With our expansive network of international connections, Avita is always on the lookout for interesting tenders in pharmaceuticals and medical devices and ready to provide customers with relevant services.


In order to facilitate and accelerate the formation of international relationships for our clients, Avita has established representative offices in Russia (Moscow), Ukraine (Kiev), and Germany (Dusseldorf).

Avita Zist Pharmed

As a knowledge-based company, Avita Zist Pharmed has good access to international pharmaceutical markets and has significant activities in the field of medicine and vaccines in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, CIS countries and Southeast Asia and Latin America. Avita Zist Pharmed Has supplied human medicine, livestock medicines and vaccines, medical equipment and hygienic consumable products as well as agricultural products. It is worth mentioning that Avita Zist Pharmed is backed by 30 years of experience through its top management and key personnel of the company in the Ministry of Health, Food and Drug Administration, etc. Avita Zist Pharmed Company is capable to perform all topics related to declaration, fulfillment of foreign exchange obligations, customs clearing and transportation. Avita Zist Pharmed Company has considerable familiarity with process and regulations of major drug and vaccine suppliers in the CIS and GCC countries.

آویتا زیست فارمد

Business cooperation models of Avita Company with different countries are as following:

1- Export of finished product with Iranian brand (OEM)
2- Export of finished product with foreign brands (OBL)
3- Authorized production in Iran (domestic MFG contract)
4- Contract Manufacturing (inland and abroad)
5- Joint investment and production
6- Technology Transfer


Export Management may be defined as the science and art of joining the two sides of supply and demand around the world. If you tell us the what you have, the why you need and the how to do, of your own business, then our brilliant ability will take care of the who you commence with. In other words, Export Management Companies know who has what and where they produce it; and on the other hand, they know who needs what and where they will want it.

The aforementioned science and art have been ingrained and institutionalized in Avita as a result of years of hard work and accumulating enormous experience in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry. Avita has also developed a customized multi-stage process in order to perform export management tasks as efficiently as possible. (Click HERE for more information on our business model).

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